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How Do You Say Dog In Any Language?

To find out, check out this cool link at:

Dogs and the Women Who Love Them

Our good friend, Judy’s McFadden’s, book is now available. It is published by the Angel Animals Network. And, endorsed by Betty White and several other celebrities. Please visit this link to get more info and order the book at

Characteristics of A Shih Tzu

Finding the Perfect Dog to Adopt

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    Adopt A Dog From A Shelter Month

    Coco Receives Her AKC Good Citizenship Certification

    I am so pleased to announce that Coco has passed her Good Citizenship Certification test. The AKC, or American Kennel Club, administers a 10 step test that rewards dogs with good manners at home and in the community. For more information on this test, or to get your dog tested please visit

    How To Become A Foster Pet Parent

    Chocolates For A Good Cause