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Please Help Milo Find A New Home

> I received this email from a friend today. Pleae let me know if you can help.

> Jack is allergic to our dog, Milo.
> Compounded with his asthma we have made 3 trips to the ER in the last
> 3 months and now have to face the harsh reality that we need to find
> Milo a new home.  We are absolutely devastated at the prospect of
> losing him as he is such a wonderful dog.  He is
> (obviously) house
> broken, extremely mild mannered and great with kids. He will be 6 in
> June so he has lost his puppy energy but still enjoys a good walk:) He
> is up to date on all of his immunizations and healthy.
> If you know of anyone looking for a dog and can provide him with a
> loving home, please keep us (and Milo) in mind!


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