Coco Chanel

A Registered Therapy Dog


Judy from Derby Academy wrote “The day was a big success and you have a wonderful way with children making them feel comfortable.”

Corinne from the Reading Library wrote “Your friendly presence and interaction with the kids brought much joy and sparkle to reading!”

Hilary from New England School of Law wrote “The class loved seeing Coco and may plan to pursue more information on how they can incorporate therapy animal programs into their volunteer services or how to get their own animals certified to be therapy animals! Your input was wonderful and I truly appreciate your support!”

Judy wrote in her blog “Therapy dog volunteers like Claire McAvoy with her adorable dog, Coco Chanel, members of Dog B.O.N.E.S. Therapy Dogs of Massachusetts, know the difference a therapy dog can make in a child’s life. They are impacting and changing lives in a spectacular way.”

Bobbie wrote  “She is special, a real cutie. It always amazes me that somehow these dogs know when a human needs to touch them, and that touch maybe a little rough at times, but the dogs know that they should not bite the
human. Also her owner needs a pat-on-the-back for seeing this in this little girlie, may they both bring lots of joy to lots of children.”

Suzanne wrote  “OMG. She is so cute. I could eat her face with a spoon.”

Patrice wrote “Thank you for bringing Coco to visit with us today. She is like sunshine and lollipops!”